In time honoured French tradition, the firemen and public service providers may soon be knocking at your door to offer you their Christmas calendar. Christmas tipping for the postman, (facteur) rubbish collectors ( éboueurs) and firemen ( sapeurs-pompiers) in exchange for a Christmas calendar, is always advisable to ensure smooth post delivery, rubbish collection or house-fire help.

You know how it is don’t you? When someone asks a question you’ve had a hundred times already in the last month. It’s at a dinner party and you have to somehow resist the overwhelming urge to stab them in the eye with your fork. That’s how it was immediately after we returned to the UK after eleven years in the PO. That question? “So, what made you come back then?” Arrrgggghhhhhh!!!!

WALK THE REGION Prieurie Santa Maria del Vilar With Leigh and Merry Foster This walk is a circuit in the Alberes hills above the small village of Villelongue-dels-Monts. It is a bit steep in places…

2016 Perpignan shops will be open for Christmas shoppers on Sunday 4th, 11th and 18th December There will also be free parking in Wilson, Arago, Saint-Martin and Catalogne covered carparks in the city centre. The Christmas…

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A popular and much loved Catalan Christmas figure, this small statue, originally of a pooping peasant wearing traditional floppy red Catalan cap (barretina), crouches with trousers half down, in a ‘toilet’ position, making his small contribution to the land. He might be smoking a pipe or reading a newspaper to better pass the time!

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