L’arbousier (Strawberry Tree) Native to the Mediterranean region, Western Europe and Ireland, it is difficult to miss these pretty fruit trees as you wander around the south of France. A tough, easily grown and trouble-free…

Olives and olive oil sing out sunshine, wine and all that is Mediterranean. We eat the olives, we cook with the oil or dress our salads…..but did you know that there are many other, unusual uses for this versatile oil?

It’s hard to resist a recipe with such a saucy sounding name! If it conjured up visions of gypsy dancers with flashing eyes you wouldn’t be far wrong, because zarzuela (sar-soo-EH-lah) means operetta or variety show in Catalan.

A popular and much loved Catalan Christmas figure, this small statue, originally of a pooping peasant wearing traditional floppy red Catalan cap (barretina), crouches with trousers half down, in a ‘toilet’ position, making his small contribution to the land. He might be smoking a pipe or reading a newspaper to better pass the time!

The pretty little village of Formigueres, historic Capital of the Capcir, lies in the heart of the Parc Naturel, Five kms north of Les Angles on the D118.

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