Useful Phrases in Catalan


Whilst many believe the Catalan language  to be of Spanish origin, it  actually developed independently out of Vulgar Latin spoken by the Romans who colonised the Tarragona area. Spoken on both sides of the eastern end of the Pyrenees, it is also spoken in the Balearic Islands, parts of  Aragon,  Sardinia. and is the official language of Andorra

Many Catalans speak both Catalan and Spanish/French. It is estimated that around nine million people  speak Catalan and 11 million  understand it.

Basic phrases in Catalan


Bon dia/Hola! = Hello!
Com estàs? = How are you?
Com està? = How are you? (formal)
Bé. = Well.
Malament. = Badly.
Així-així. = So-so.
Molt… = Very…
Com et dius? = What’s your name?
Com es diu? = What’s your name? (formal)
I tu? = And you?
I Vostè? = And you? (formal)
Senyor. = Sir, Mr.
Senyora/Dona = Madam, Mrs.
Senyoreta. = Miss
Encantat/Encantada. = Pleased to meet you.
Si us plau. = Please.
Perdó. = Excuse me.
Hi ha (aquí)… = Here is…
Hi ha… = There is/there are…
Sí. = Yes.
No. = No.
Gràcies. = Thank you.
De res. = You’re welcome.
Què? = What?
Qui? = Who?
Per què? = Why?
Quina hora és? = What time is it?
Adéu(-siau) / A reveure! = Goodbye!, See you later!
Parli més a poc a poc, sisplau = please speak more slowly


More useful, festive phrases in Catalan ———————-

Pau i salut (paoo ee saloot) = Cheers! (lit. peace and health)
T’estimo = I love you
Fins aviat = See you later
Parla catalá? = Do you speak Catalan
Bon profit! = Bon appetit (enjoy your meal)
Vols ballar amb mi? (bolz beuya um mee) = would you like to dance with me?
Què voldrien beure, vostès? (Keh vuldree-en bayoor, boostess) = What would you like to drink?
El compte si us plau (ell conte see ousse plow) = the bill please
Plou a bots i barrals = it’s raining cats and dogs ( boats and casks)
El meu aerolliscador és ple d’anguiles! = my hovercraft is full of eels (you never know when you might need this one!)


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