12th October – 24th November 2012

Alain Vilacèque

Espace des Arts


Painter of the human, in the broad sense of the term. Drawing his inspiration from the relationships between beings, we are fascinated by his approaches to the face and posture, by the contact which is sometimes carnal, sometimes violent, these groups are thought-provoking. There are one, two, ten thousand of them and perhaps through this multitude the immense solitude of man is revealed to us. The drama which filters through his expressions, this emotion that he stirs within us, is the mark of a great artist, one who is sensitive and genuine, and who does not cheat with his painting. An exceptional artist whose work definitely merits your attention.


The ‘Espace des Arts’ art gallery for local artists and sculptors in Le Boulou is one of the largest local exhibition galleries in the region. With a permanent expo of the Battle of Le Boulou, a  museum is to be added in the future, to better present the rich history of this small town.

Look out for the autumn exhibition inspired by the Maître de Cabestany and artists, photographers and sculptors from Catalonia.
Open Tues to Sat 9h – 12h and 14h – 18h. Free admission http://espacedesarts.over-blog.fr

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