Sunday 9th February 2014 at 18h




 The Imperial Russian Ballet Company

Palais des congrès,- Auditorium Charles Trénet



The Imperial Russian Ballet CompanyAfter the success of Swan Lake in 2012, the Moscow Ballet Theatre returns once again to France to present Romeo and Juliet, a ballet in three acts by Sergei Prokofiev, composed in the spring and summer of 1935 , shortly after the composer’s return to the Soviet Union.

Based upon the play by William Shakespeare, the story takes place in Verona, Italy in the sixteenth century. Two powerful rival families , the Montagues (Romeo ) and Capulets ( Juliet), clash constantly. The two young people from the two rival families fall in love. Despite their efforts they both die and can only find love in the afterlife. This  popular ballet, includes the famous and sinister “Dance of the Knights ” and its many variations. Romeo and Juliet, presented by a dance troupe ‘par excellence’.


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