Carnavals 2017


From the Latin carnelevare, meaning the removal of meat, carnivals around the world are a flash of colour, indulgence and excess before the period of Lent begins (traditionally when meat was forbidden).

Whatever you’re  religious, or just love a good party, it is a time to have some fun with friends, family and the wider community. As always, this year there is plenty going on in the P-O. Many towns around the region will host their own, unique take on the party; with processions, floats, singing, dancing and of course, plenty wild and wonderful costumes.

Get in the party spirit at one of the following carnavals
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Amélie-les-Bains 25th & 26th February and 4th March
Argelès-sur-Mer 19th & 26th February, Night Carnival 4th March
Céret 11th – 18th March


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