Saturday 15th December 2012 – 15h30 and 20h30



Théatre de L’étang, Saint Estève

Celtic Legends


Born in Connermara, Ireland 10 years ago, but with deep roots in France, this Irish tap dance show with 7 musicians and 18 dancers is an evening of exhilarating artistry and ambiance, as only the Irish can.

Featuring Irish classic folklores, traditional music and dance, and a  live band, with new composers and musical directors, Chicago based musicians, Liz Knowles and Kieran O Hare,  you will have a hard time stopping yourself tapping and stamping your feet, clapping your hands and whooping along to the music and vocals!

Théâtre de l’Etang
6 Allée des Arts & Lettres
66240 St-Estève
Tel: 04 68 38 34 95
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