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Les Déferlantes 2017 Gig Guide

8th July - 11th July

Deferlantes 2017

Do you like funky reggae rhythms ?
Do you prefer thumping techno beats ?
Or is it good old rock and roll
That makes you move your feet ?

Whatever your musical preference
Don’t miss out on a single song
Use this handy gig guide as reference
And hit the dancefloors all night long.

Saturday 8th July

renaud deferlantes


A phoenix risen from the ashes, this old-school musician returns to the mainstream after years of tumult. Once again releasing records with engaging melodies, rebellious rhythms and a fearless poetry that comments on all aspects of society, Renaud deserves his place at the top of the bill.

Listen here

Petit Biscuit at les Déeferlantes

Petit Biscuit

Petit Biscuit has shot to fame in a profound upheaval of the established order, receiving over 14 million views for his 2015 hit single Sunset Lover. The young artist from Rouen has a simple yet supremely effective sound; peaceful and poetic in a hectic world of bass and treble. The multi-instrumentalist combines a delicately soaring melody with a foot-tapping beat, inspired by sources from classical to his traditional Moroccan roots.

Listen here.

Don Broco at Les Déferlantes

Don Brocco

Characterised by smiles from ear to ear and an unquenchable thirst for adventure, the English rock band, Don Brocco, have been living the dream, touring the world, for the past five years. Lead by bewitching front man, Rob Damiani, this group of college mates share their passion and pleasure, radiating an infectious optimism across venues of all sizes. At ease with both the softer, melancholic ballads and the explosive, driving rhythms, Don Brocco ticks all the boxes.

Listen here.

Maïcee at Les Déferlantes


Over the years, hip hop has developed something of bad reputation; dark, divisive, offensive even, in both content and form. But French artist Maïcee and her loyal DJ, Charly Cuts, bring a softer, more delicate flow, capturing the hearts of audiences and embarking them on a sunny, soulful, musical roadtrip.

Listen here.

Line Up Sat Déferlantes
Line Up Saturday 8th July

Sunday 9th July

Sting at Les Déferlantes


Every breath you take, Message in a bottle, Roxanne, Englishman in New York… the list of timeless, iconic anthems beggars belief. And yet, Sting continues to push himself to new limits, to explore new horizons and to bring the best in live music to his ever-adoring fans. Rising to fame with The Police back in the 70s, the musical legend is back again with his 12th studio album entitled 57th & 9th. Inspired by the sounds of the streets of the Big Apple, this is music for the people; intimate and resonating, to be sung and shared with lovers, family and friends.

Listen here.

Midnight Oil at Les Déferlantes

Midnight Oil

In a world of heightened tensions and ever-more frequent conflicts, it is easy to bury your head in the sand. Brave are those who dare to stand up, speak out and bring difficult subjects to the mainstream table. For over 30 years, Australian band, Midnight Oil, have been championing the struggle for environmental progress. Front man Peter Garett, nicknamed the Green Giant, even became Environment Minister for his hometown, Sydney. The ecological white nights will light up the stage with their engaged and engaging pop-rock sound.

Listen here.

Ludwig von 88 at Les Déferlantes

Ludwig von 88

Punk spirit is alive and very vocal, personified with frenzied political satire by French band Ludwig von 88. Brash and crass, these musicians do not temper their message for anyone, firing flagrant criticisms of a French society rotten to the core. Driven to return from a 19 year absence by the escalating (or deteriorating!) situation in France, expect a high-octane performance and a parental guidance rating!

Listen here.

Perfect Hand Crew at Les Déferlantes

Perfect Hand Crew

2 heads are better than one, they say. Well how about 3 heads and 6 hands? This trio of musical innovation brings together the fractured, urban sounds of underground London to create a pulsating, radical musical experience. These talented English DJs offer no compromise in their vision of a dark and dangerous world… are you brave enough to follow them?

Listen here.

Line Up Sun Déferlantes
Line Up Sunday 9th July

Monday 10th July

DJ Snake at Les Déferlantes

DJ Snake

The man responsible for some of this year’s biggest tracks, DJ Snake has coiled himself securely around our hearts. The French-born artist is now a firm fixture on the international dancefloor scene, collaborating with the likes of Lady Gaga, Kanye West and Justin Beiber. But no need for celebrity endorsement, DJ Snake is a star in his own right and his unique blend of electro, house and hip hop will have you dancing all night.

Listen here.

Iggy Pop at Les Déferlantes

Iggy Pop

Rock’s Hall of Fame is a wild and untamed jungle, inhabited by legendary beasts. Brave are those who dare to attempt entry and many have perished in doing so. King of the Jungle and wild-incarnate is non other than Iggy Pop. A rare species; visceral, reptilian, diabolically sexual, this musical legend is back once again with his new album, Post Pop Depression.

Listen here.

Ibrahim Maalhouf at Les Déferlantes

Ibrahim Mallhouf

For a while the name Ibrahim Maalhouf commanded respect in esteemed, but nonetheless select, circles of jazz and classical music buffs. Now, his immense talent and abounding charm have seen the multi-instrumentalist play sell-out tours around the world. The French-Lebonese trumpeter, born in 1980s war-torn Beirut, uses his music to promote freedom, culture and life.

Listen here.

Findlay at Les Déferlantes


Manchester has always been known as a breeding ground for unique and talented musicians. Oasis, Simply Red, Joy Division; the list is seemingly endless. And now, another name is establishing itself, both at home and abroad: Findlay. A far cry from the flamboyant exuberance of her predecessors, Nathalie Findlay’s rock is one of raw, striped back emotion. No less provocative for its subtle combination of garage and grunge, she will light up the stage with her youthful, incandescent energy.

Listen here.

Line Up Mon Déferlatnes
Line Up Monday 10th

Tuesday 11th July

Manu Chao at Les Déferlantes

Manu Chao

Still standing, fist in the air, Latino rhythms and reggae beats cascading around him, Manu Chao continues to delight audiences around the world. Sharing his ever-optimistic vision of a world without fear, he transcends borders and cultural differences with a perfectly-timed strum of his guitar. Expect smiles and abundant joie-de-vivre from start to finish.

Listen here.

Airbourne at Les Déferlantes


According to front man Joel O’Keefe, creating good rock music is simple; all you need is a guitar, 3 chords and a couple of cold beers. For 10 years now, along with his brother and 2 mates, the Australian band Airbourne have been delivering hard and fast rock n roll to head-bangers and mosh pits around the world.

Listen here.

Calypso Rose at Les Déferlantes

Calypso Rose

Bringing Caribbean good vibes and groove across the oceans to Château Valmy is Tobago-born Calypso Rose. Overflowing with joyful energy and a youthful exuberance deceptive of her 80 years, this inspirational woman shares her uniquely optimistic outlook on life. Having herself battled to overcome violence and injustice, she sings of emancipation and freedom.

Listen here.

Poussin at Les Déferlantes


As with the 17th century French artist of the same name, Poussin are almost impossible to categorise, flowing seamlessly from rock to folk to pop and back again. This amalgamation of successful Montpellier musicians are as adventurous as they are talented, constantly pushing boundaries and seeking new musical horizons.

Listen here.

Line Up Tues Déferlantes
Line Up Tuesday 11th

Check out the full lineup here.

Pass 1 day : 47,50€
Pass 2 days : 83€
Pass 3 days : 123,50€
Pass 4 days : 155,50€


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8th July
11th July
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