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Vide grenier in aid of animals

Ferme du Bonheur,  Argelès

What a great incentive to empty out your cupboards, attics and cellars!

Ferme du Bonheur,  ArgelèsHere is a chance for animal lovers to ‘do their bit’ by attending the farm’s car boot sale and supporting this ‘retirement home’ for horses, donkeys, pigs, tortoises, sheep, cows, chickens……. These animals have been rescued from ill treatment and cruelty and it is only through the generosity of donors like you that the farm survives.

If you are unable to be present, but would like to make a donation, you can find out more by ringing 04 68 95 74 54 or 06 03 07 56 78

Ferme du Bonheur,  ArgelèsIf you have books, bric-a-brac, jewellry, toys, clothes, furniture……. anything really – even the kitchen sink……. you can drop it off in advance at the farm or at the ‘pressing’ (dry cleaners) on the route national in the village.

As well as the car boot sale, there will be new items on sale donated by shops and businesses and glassware etc donated by bars and restaurants.

Take your children to visit the animals, or stroll up the road to Notre dame de Vie – a Ferme du Bonheur,  Argelèsfabulous half hour walk. All in all a fun family day out with the added bonus of helping a deserving cause.


The vide grenier is a hoot. The food is okay and the wine is very available. One year the guys who were making the barbeque placed the grill too close to the fire and two plastic chairs got barbequed too. I think they had been tasting the wine too much.
Michael MacDonald of Sorède

La Ferme du Bonheur”, Argeles, Route Notre Dame de Vie (not that easy to find; on the way to the little chapel “Notre dame de vie”) organizes a flea market on its premises on behalf of the old/abanoned animals they take care of. All the income goes to the association, so it would be great if as many people as possible show up. Apparently, there are drinks and food as well.
Susanne of Port Vendres

Route de Notre Dame de Vie


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