If you’re lucky, once you get to the airport, there isn’t really that much to say: hand over your boarding pass, glide through security (if you’re not wearing an underwired bra), and settle down with a large G&T to await take-off. However, sometimes it doesn’t all run quite so smoothly, particularly in winter, and its useful to have a bit of local lingo to find out what’s going on.

In Spring 1905, Henri Matisse landed in Collioure, searching for light and a new style of painting. It was in Colioure that he painted the famous Open Window, with vibrant colours and reflexions that did not fit in with the expected – vermillion masts of blue boats floating on pink waves below a sky of turquoise, and pink.

If the language barrier leaves you looking more like Olive Oyl than Oliva Newton John when you visit the hairdressers, pop eye, I mean pop in to see Samantha, English speaking hairdresser in Cabestany or Phillipe Morales of Argelès….or arm yourself with this useful hair and beauty vocab before setting off for your makeover.

There are loads of different ways of improving your French. We all learn differently, and as we grow older, one of the greatest blocks to learning is memory. And yet many of us can still sing along to new songs – and remember the words!

Useful vocabulary to help you through the festive period
…………. card – une carte de Noël
…………. day – le jour de Noël
…………. dinner – le Réveillon
…………. tree – le sapin

1. Match up these idiomatic sayings 1. J’ai d’autres chats à fouetter 2. Ce n’est pas un cadeau 3. Réserver le meilleur pour la fin 4. Je vous tiens à ma merci 5. C’est simple…

1 Trouvez la bonne définition 1 un atelier a) le propriétaire d’un restaurant b) un endroit ou l’on fabrique ou répare des objets c) un magasin qui vend du tabac 2 une action a) portion…

1. Test your idiomatic French 1.Quand vous êtes en pleine forme, on dit que vous avez : a) la pomme b) la pêche c) la poire 2. Si vous êtes ‘crevé’, cela signifie que vous…

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