Throughout May Trouillas and around Aspres Music Festival – Festival of Music, Art and Wine celebrating Spring in the Aspres. Every weekend with barber shop, tangos, Spanish, Catalan, traditional French music, jazz, pop rock, Latin American…… For more information and bookings contact ASDAMA, 4 rue des Acacias, 66300 Trouillas or ring 0468 531000 or 06 22 34 22
Friday 1st Sainte Marie la Mer, sea front Fete De L’artichaut. All things artichoke, with special artichoke based recipes put on at most of the local restaurants.
Friday 1st Rues du centre village, Argelés Vide-Grenier 8am-6pm
Friday 1st National La Fête du Travail and La Fête du Muguet. The first day of May in France is La Fête du Travail and therefore a bank holiday. Watch out! Everything will be closed and there will be celebratory events and activities in most towns and villages! It is also La Fête du Muguet, and the tradition is to give those you love a little bouquet of lily-of-the-valley, to wish them happiness and good luck in celebration of the arrival of spring.
Friday 1st l’ermitage Saint Ferréol, Céret Picnic at the ermitage (repas tiré du sac – bring your own and share with others) with entertainment from the majorettes « Stars filantes » « éphémère 66 », «Les Angelets du Vallespir», «Cerevillan », and the «Randonnée Cérétane». Complimentary aioli and sangria sont offerts par l’association, une plancha sera à la disposition de tous les participants.
Contact Nathalie : 06 13 31 74 99
Saturday 2nd  Saint Cyprien Triathlon St Cyprien further details 

Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd Espace Méditerranée et Gymnase (route de la piscine), Amelie Convention ASFA (Association science fiction Amelie) for all you Sci-fi fans out there. Including actors from popular sci-fi films. From 10am more information available at the tourist office, Amelie or the ASFA website
Saturday 2nd Arles Sur Tech Eco Festival
Sunday 3rd St Cyprien Beach and surrounding streets Carnival entertainment from 10am, grand parade starts 3pm.
Sunday 3rd Caves BYRRH, Thuir Marché gourmand de Printemps. The best of food and wine in the Roussillon
Friday 8th  Amelie and Palalda Commémoration du 08 Mai  Celebration of the 70th year of the victory of 8th May 1945. Memorial services and traditional dancing. Full schedule available at the tourist office, Amelie.
Friday 8th Canet Fête de la Victoire 1945
Re-creation of a 40s style US army camp, procession of military vehicles,  Sherman tank etc, live music playing Glenn Miller classics….
Saturday 9th Girona Festival of Flowers
Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th Port Argeles Regional Art Festival  10am-7pm
Thursday 14th Canet Port Canet Fest’I Mar Entertainment for all the family including a treasure hunt & pirate vilage.
Thursday 14th – Saturday 16th Vernet-les-Bains Fiesta Latina
Thursday 14th – Saturday 16th Banyuls-sur-Mer Ascension Flamenca
Flamenco music, dance and guitar as Banyuls echos to the sounds of Spain.
Thursday 14th at 18h l’Eglise Saint Pierre, Céret Elophe Quartet (soprano, trompette, violoncelle, orgue)
Friday 15th – Sunday 17th

Grand Stade les Capellans
Rue Verdi, St Cyprien

Salon du Bien-etre et de la Voyance exhibition includes bio products, massage, magnetism, voyance, energy and numerology.

Saturday 16th National La Nuit des Musées
Free evening at regional museums with special events for the occasion
NB Not all museums will participate
Saturday 16th place de Verdun, Perpignan Fête du Pain. The place de Verdun transforms itself into one large bakery with tastings and demos of all the different breads and bread related products.
Saturday 16th  Salle des Fêtes, Sorède SOIREE COLUCHE with part of the profits going to the Restos du Coeur. More info: Sorède Touriste Office
Saturday 16th Place Magellan, Port-Argelès Fête de l’Art Régional (FAR)
Art Festival bringing together painters, sculptors, and ‘artisans d’art’. 06 11 18 47 10
Sunday 17th Perpignan Perpignan Marathon
All profits from this semi marathon (21,100 km) and ten kilometre race  go to charitable organisations. If you don’t want to run, why not go along and support – all in a good cause.
06 99 27 20 00 / 06 19 40 79 02
Friday 22nd – Monday 25th Amélie-Les-Bains La Vallespir Skyrace. A long weekend of sport, rambles, and walks planned around this mountain race.
Sunday 24th  Cassagnes Dionysiade – ‘Terroir Et Capitelles’. All about food and wine of the region – tasting, discovery hikes, visit of the village, lunch, live music….. More info: 04 68 29 10 42
Sunday 24th Maury Les Amorioles
Sunday 24th
Parking de la Capitainerie
Port, St Cyprien
Pompiers Vide Grenier  All day
 Wednesday 27th & Thursday 28th Parking Tourist Office, Argeles Rallye Regional de la police national  2pm-5.30pm
Saturday 30th Ceret Cherry Festival
 Sunday 31st Argeles Triathlon  subscriptions




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