5th – 21st September 2014

Music Catalogne Romane invites you to a Music Festival with a difference. Created in 1983 to provide a platform for talented musicians playing ancient, traditional instruments such as the recorder, harpsichord, viola de gamba, The festival brings you a mix of symphonies, concertos, Georgian choirs through 5 concerts over 3 weekends.

Arists back due to popular demand:

Orquestra Barroca Catalana (Santi Aubert, 1st violin)

La Polifonicà de Vilafrancà (David Hernandez Urpi, direction)

Charles Limouse, direction

Brigitte Lesne, voice, gothic harp, percussions

Hélène Decarpignies, voice

Viva Biancaluna Biffi, voice and bowed viella

New artists to discover…

Jean-Luc Ho, harpsichord

Overtone singing

Men’s choir from Sartène – Jean-Paul Poletti, direction

David Hernandez, tenor

Jordi Domènech, contralto

Pau Bordas, bass

Friday 6th September – 9pm

ELNE Cathedral – 66200 Elne

CAMPRA : Requiem

D’AUVERGNE : Symphonia

David Hernandez, tenor

Jordi Domènech, contralto

Pau Bordas, bass

La Polifonica de Vilafranca (David Hernandez Urpi, direction)

Orquestra Barroca Catalana (Santi Aubert, 1st violon)

Charles Limouse, direction


Sunday 7th September – 5 pm

Chapelle de l’Ermitage de St FERREOl -66400 Céret

Harpsichord recital


Jean-Luc Ho, harpsichord

Friday 12th September – 9 pm

ELNE Cathedral – 66200 Elne


Jean-Paul Poletti, direction



Friday 19th September – 9 pm

St ANDRE Church – 66690 St André

3 VOICES RECITAL : Italian music in the early Renaissance

Brigitte Lesne, voice, gothic harp, tambourines

Viva Biancaluna Biffi, voice, bowed viella

Hélène Decarpignies, voice

Sunday 21st September – 5 pm

LE BOULOU Church – 66160 Le Boulou

LES VOIX DIPHONIQUES / overtone singing

Cyril Bonnier, overtone singing, reed clarinets

Pierre Corbi, overtone singing, percussions

Sylvain Fargeix, overtone singing, cornett

Christian Le Mounier, overtone singing


To find out more about the artists and concerts please visit the website

Tickets 20€ & 25€

Information and booking  “Cloitre d’Elne” : 04 68 22 70 90

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