It’s hard to resist a recipe with such a saucy sounding name! If it conjured up visions of gypsy dancers with flashing eyes you wouldn’t be far wrong, because zarzuela (sar-soo-EH-lah) means operetta or variety show in Catalan.

Bon Nadal i Feliç any Nou (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Catalan The pooey traditions below may shed some light on the popular Catalan saying "menja bé, caga fort i no tinguis por…

Les Restos du Coeur is a French charitable association which provides food packages and free meals to the poor and homeless, organised and served up by 45 000 volunteers around France.

Escudella (meaning bowl in Catalan) – a large stew-soup traditionally made at Christmas, a favourite cold-weather dish to warm the soul! Normally made from anything available and boiled all day. Here is one of many versions!

You know how it is don’t you? When someone asks a question you’ve had a hundred times already in the last month. It’s at a dinner party and you have to somehow resist the overwhelming urge to stab them in the eye with your fork. That’s how it was immediately after we returned to the UK after eleven years in the PO. That question? “So, what made you come back then?” Arrrgggghhhhhh!!!!

Dubbed as the French Elvis, with leather biker jackets, husky voice, craggy face, wide boy swagger, little boy smile, Johnny Hallyday, known simply as ‘Johnny’, has left us.

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