Flu and intestinal gastroenteritis have invaded the Roussillon yet again. Perpignan is amongst ten other cities in France, including Paris and Toulouse, to have exceeded the usual average at this time of year for the annual epidemic of gastroenteritis!

An important message from the development manager at Perpignan airport who is being told that if their new Flybe flight doesn’t start seeing some bookings, they will lose it. Please share as much as possible, even if this route doesn’t suit you, as routes breed routes and the more present flights are used, the more likelihood that other routes will be created.

Nobody’s complaining about the magnificent winter we’ve had so far….mais tout se paie and it looks like our bill has arrived! :-)
A big dip in temperatures is expected next week with temperatures predicted into the minuses, even on the plain, and strong possibility of snow by next Thursday.

In the spring of 2016 the EU referendum was announced. I had many sleepless nights wondering what would happen should Britain vote to leave the EU, although hubby seemed less bothered. “Never in a month of Sundays,” was his confident prediction. As the debate heated up, it became slowly more apparent that the unthinkable might actually happen and we might find ourselves turned overnight into illegal immigrants.

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