Les Restos du Coeur is a French charitable association which provides food packages and free meals to the poor and homeless, organised and served up by 45 000 volunteers around France.

There but for the grace of God …..
There are several charitable organisations around the region who would be very happy to accept your donations, house clearances etc. Here is a glimpse into the origins of three of these charitable associations who hope you will be thinking of them this winter.

Look out for scam emails about the Vitale V3 card with the Service-public.fr or Ameli logo  inviting you to download a form to obtain the new card  within 24 hours.

As winter approaches, watch out once again for bogus charity collectors, both in the streets and on your doorsteps. Last year, they called themselves SOS 116 and declared themselves to be linked with Emmaus of Perpignan.

START OF THE FLU SEASON The vaccination campaign against seasonal flu has now been launched. The health service recommends the jab for over-65s and for those with health problems that could make them more vulnerable…

In many regions of France, the ritual gathering of mushrooms in the autumn (but also spring spring and summer depending upon the weather), is a culture in itself. Whole families or groups of friends make a day of it, and head off ‘à la recherche des champignons’

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