St John’s wort may be hated by sheep farmers but herbalists adore it. The flowering tops are harvested after they begin to bloom (traditionally on Solstice, June 21) and prepared with alcohol, and with oil, to make two of the most useful remedies in any first aid kit.

CSF Sud de France is a French registered charitable association which aims to provide support for English speaking people living in the Aude, Ariège, P-O, Tarn and Tarn et Garonne (east) and who are affected by cancer. This may be as a patient, a family member or carer.

In this treasure trove of recipes, remedies, folklore and magick of commonly found herbs and flowers, Cindy explains how to use the plants of the P-O, with instructions for making tisanes, decoctions, tinctures and compre

Flu and intestinal gastroenteritis have invaded the Roussillon yet again. Perpignan is amongst ten other cities in France, including Paris and Toulouse, to have exceeded the usual average at this time of year for the annual epidemic of gastroenteritis!

There but for the grace of God …..
There are several charitable organisations around the region who would be very happy to accept your donations, house clearances etc. Here is a glimpse into the origins of three of these charitable associations who hope you will be thinking of them this winter.

Charitable giving in France with Penny Parkinson of CSF “If you haven’t got any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.” Bob Hope The Frenchman Adrian de Montluc wrote in…

EVERY DECEMBER The AFM Telethon (l’Association Française contre les Myopathies et les maladies neuromusculaires) The AFM Telethon has become France’s major fund-raising event in France and takes place every year on the first week-end of…

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