These are in fact caterpillar nests, constructed by the pine processionary caterpillar (chenille processionnaire) larva, who live in large ‘tents’ and march out at night in single file (hence the name) to feed on the pine needles.

Am I an organic gardener? An honest answer is “partly”. I believe in trying to do without chemical aids in the garden and have turned to using natural fertilisers and compost and to employing organic gardening techniques for controlling pests where possible. However, I also use chemical methods where necessary.

January is the coldest month of the year but it presents a real challenge: very little is growing, the branches are bare, the spring bulbs are just peeping up and one can see the bare bones of the garden.

Just wanted to let you know that a similar scam arrived on my laptop from “proscan28online” pretending to be Microsoft technical support and freezing the computer.

 with Gill Storey Autumn is the time for planting. There is an old Provencal saying: “Plantez avant la Sainte Catherine et vous auriez de bonnes racines” – plant before 25 November to have good roots.…

GARDENING IN THE PYRENEES ORIENTALES With Gill Storey  This is the time to think about water storage for the future. If, like us, you have access to an irrigation canal, water supply is simple during…