Between 2018 and 2022, Emmanuel Macron’s government intends to phase out the taxe d’habitation for 80% of French resident, leaving those with an annual taxable revenue in excess of €20,000 per person to foot the bill.

To start electricity service in your new home in France, contact an energy supplier as soon as possible (ideally about two weeks before moving in) to open an account. You will need to have the following information to open an electricity account:

As Christmas approached the previous owner of our mas and his two daughters prepared to move out of The Other End. We were highly excited to see (for only the second time) the rest of the house that we had purchased. And not more than a little curious to see how they had been living all these months.

Several fraught phone calls later it seemed that our furniture was making slow progress through France in our direction. On the appointed day we received a phone call to say it was on its way up our hill. We ran outside to be confronted by two grumpy blokes sitting in a tiny van on the drive outside the house.