If you still have pockets, jars or piggy banks full of round pounds waiting to spend in Tescos on your next trip back to England, you have til October to spend, spend, spend. From October 15, the old pound will no longer be legal tender, replaced by a 12-sided version.

Why use an FX broker?
That’s probably the most commonly asked question when introducing the services of Currencies Direct to any new client! The answer is easy – because we can save you more money!

While you can most certainly get by with a British phone in France if you don’t use it very often, setting up a French mobile phone will make communication in France cheaper and easier over the long run. What’s more, having a French phone number is often a requirement for various other administrative procedures in France, such as setting up electricity in France, so it is well worth it for conveniency and practicality purposes.

Markets in the Pyrénées-Orientales. What you think of these markets?. Which ones have you been to? Was it good? Not so exciting? Are there other things going on? Have we got the days right?
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New health reforms this year mean that people will have to sign an ‘opt out’ register (Registre National des Refus) if they do NOT wish their organs to be used for transplant. This is a computerised listing of people who have chosen not to donate organs or tissues after their death. Anyone not on the register will be presumed to have consented to organ donation.