Saturday 15th August 2015 – 22h30 – Saint Cyprien

Embrasement du port et spectacle pyrotechnique



One of the most talked about firework displays in the region, the ‘setting alight’ of the port and the firework extravaganza attract folk from far and wide. The display is preceded at 19h by a ‘sardinade’ when local fishermen share their sardine catch in this traditional Catalan feast of grilled sardines, bread and aioli (garlic dip).

Parking is difficult and be prepared for long queues when leaving – but the firework display is well worth the hassle!


19 H : Quai de Pêche – Join the local fishermen for grilled sardines, aïoli, vin rouge … and festive atmosphere. 8 € par personne.
22 H 30 – Grand spectacle pyrotechnique
From 22h30, the port will be set alight for 20 minutes !!! Cette année, with ’87 tableaux composés de 14 fresques à thème: les cascades du ciel, la pluie d’argent, les comètes crépitantes, les soucoupes volantes, les perles bleues…… ‘ Thousands of  projectiles will head for the sky (bombes, comètes, embrasement de la jetée), with a grand finale of  1740 rainbow explosives which will remain engraved in the memory for ever.
23 H : Parking de la Capitainerie –  fiesta catalane with Al Chemist and a musical stroll through Roussillon : «  l’escargot catalan », « la voiture sans permis », « la rousquille »  «  la frontera » and « le Dallas »

More info: 04 68 21 01 33 (Tourist Office)

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