Wednesday 14th January 2015



 (Le Lac Des Cygnes)


 The Imperial Russian Ballet Company

Palais des congrès,- Auditorium Charles Trénet



Imperial Russian Ballet CompanySwan Lake was Pyotr Il’yich Tchaikovsky’s first score for ballet. Its  premiere in 1877 was not well received, but it has since become one of the most loved of all ballets.

The Evil Genius has bewitched sweet girls and turned them into graceful swans. This terrible spell will only be removed when someone falls in love with Odette, The Queen of Swans. Prince Siegfried is so in love with Odette that he is willing to sacrifice his life for her.

Staggered by such amazing and profound feelings, the Evil Genius dies. Siegfried and Odette, surrounded by nymphs, sirens and naiads are carried away into the temple of ever-lasting happiness.

This masterpiece ballet is presented in three acts and follows the original storyline with the happy ending which was decreed by Soviet rule in the 1930’s during the reign of then Russian Leader Stalin.

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