An anonymous 12th century sculptor, the Master of Cabestany was not recognised until the 1930s when a Romanesque-style tympanum was unearthed during renovation work at the parish church of Cabestany.

Snowshoe Walk Capcir Valley
Winter 2017 has arrived with a bank in the high valley of the Capcir. 4 days of storms and heavy snow has left the mountains with a high avalanche risk but in the forests there are perfect and safe conditions for exploring on snowshoes.

Traditional Chinese Medicinal practitioners have long revered the bark, leaves and flowers for its health benefits and yet there is little modern research on this tree which was also used by the ancient Mayans for trauma injuries and burns.

For thousands of years, large and cumbersome ‘racket’ snowshoes were absolute necessities to move around in snowy landscapes, to hunt, trap, communicate, discover and survive.

At 10.00am on a beautifully clear day, we assembled at the col de Creu between Matermale and Sansa for the second of our winter snowshoe walks.
Our previous walk in the valley of Planès had been a great success so this time we had planned a bbq at the unguarded refuge les Estagnols, on the slopes of the Madres peak.

Normally when you are “invited” to visit the Police in France, you do this with a little trepidation. My invite however was to join the CRS, Secours en Montagne, on one of their avalanche, search and rescue, retraining or “recyclage” days.

This French tradition of serving a frangipane filled tart known as the ‘galette des rois’ (or the ‘gateau des rois’ in the South of France) on, or around the 6th January, (the first Sunday of each New Year) actually dates back to the 14th century.

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