Céret has long been a stronghold for contemporary and modern art. Heralded as a Mecca for cubism, greats such as Picasso and Matisse would come to draw inspiration from the spectacular scenery and tap into the unique, creative energies of the area.

Rising prices of butter, one of the main ingredients for a tasty croissant, means that quality croissants are becoming more expensive to make and bakers are struggling to make a decent profit. Could this be the end of the croissant as we know it?

Have you ever wondered what the D in D-Day stands for? It stands for ‘day’ exactly the same as the french equivalent ‘Jour-J’ and the Spanish ‘Día-D’. In the army D-Day is the specific day on which…

Did you ever read Tintin? Maybe you still do…or have children or grandchildren who follow the adventures of the intrepid reporter-turned-explorer and his faithful dog Snowy, (or Milou in the French edition).

Gégants are enormous painted figures, several metres tall, constructed on a wooden framework with heads made from paper maché and plaster of paris – a tradition which goes back to the Middle Ages, depicting religious figures in parades.

Did you know that “La Marseillaise”, France’s national anthem, was actually composed in Strasbourg in 1792, not in Marseilles as we might assume? It was in fact created at the request of the mayor of Strasbourg who was looking for a patriotic, motivating song ‘”to rally our soldiers from all over to defend their homeland that is under threat”

Named after the frosty trio of saints, St Mamert, St Pancrace, and St Servais, whose Saint days are respectively May 10th, 11th, and 12th, the expression ‘Saints de Glace’ describes a sudden return of freezing weather in late spring, which can catch us all unawares, just when we think fthat summer is on its way!

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