Photo Credit: Auguste Chauvin On November 12th 1942, the Germans invaded ‘ la zone libre’ (the unoccupied part of France) and arrived in Perpignan. First the airport was taken over by  a detachment of the…

The end of the Spanish civil war led to an influx of Spanish refugees into the Pyrénées Orientales.  Known as the Retirada (retreat in Spanish), this was a fairly ignominous chapter in the local history complete with concentration camps

Many of us have taken to the hot springs of Dorres without knowing anything of its interesting history during the Second World War. The fashionable contempt in which the French hold the clergy seems to have been completely unjustified in that era…..but judge for yourselves.

Have you ever wondered what the D in D-Day stands for? It stands for ‘day’ exactly the same as the french equivalent ‘Jour-J’ and the Spanish ‘Día-D’. In the army D-Day is the specific day on which…

A day out in the High Vallespir is always a pleasure. Today, we are heading up the D915 through Arles sur Tech, (worth a day out in its own right) to St Laurent de Cerdans, pretty cluster of old village houses wrapped around the church with its tall steeple.

The Avions war memorial at Port Vendres quotes the now legendary tribute from Winston Churchill to the heroic pilots and aircrews who, from June to October 1940 fought the Battle of Britain.

Walter Benjamin, (1892 – 1940) German-Jewish literary critic, fierce critic of Nazism and posthumously one of the twentieth century’s greatest philosophers, has a plaque dedicated to him in Banyuls-sur-Mer.

During World War II the majority of RAF Evaders made their escape or passed through France on their way from Germany and Occupied countries, heading for the coasts in an attempt to return to England.