The Pat Line was named after the man who got it up and running as a reliable escape route for as many as 600 escapers and evader

The poppy is a powerful and iconic symbol of remembrance in England, but did you know that the French have an equivalent, ‘Le Bleuet de France’, their own poignant reminder of the First World War?

Photo Credit: Auguste Chauvin On November 12th 1942, the Germans invaded ‘ la zone libre’ (the unoccupied part of France) and arrived in Perpignan. First the airport was taken over by  a detachment of the…

The end of the Spanish civil war led to an influx of Spanish refugees into the Pyrénées Orientales.  Known as the Retirada (retreat in Spanish), this was a fairly ignominous chapter in the local history complete with concentration camps

Many of us have taken to the hot springs of Dorres without knowing anything of its interesting history during the Second World War. The fashionable contempt in which the French hold the clergy seems to have been completely unjustified in that era…..but judge for yourselves.

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