Sunday 11th September 2011 – Saint Cyprien
 JEUX TRADITIONNELS ET INSOLITES (Traditional and unusual games)

13h 30 – 18 h au Jardin des Plantes. FREE

Discover traditional and unusual games made from iron and  wood.
Test your skill  on the Bras de Fer (Iron Arm), game originally from the United States, “William Tell” (shooting game from medieval Switzerland) and the nineteenth century “Horseshoe” Game

Marvel at the “Flight of the Bird”, beautiful wooden bird attached to a metal base and pushed by a player with momentum to climb a curved metal rail 4 m high. This game is from France and dates from the nineteenth century. I

The visual appeal of these games, their history and diversity will ensure people of all ages have a fantastic day.

More info: Tourist Office. 04 68 21 01 33


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