Most truffle markets are about more than just the market and stalls. There are often gastronomic workshops, truffle identification (recognising different truffles by smell and observation under microscope…),demonstrations of ‘cavage’ using truffle snuffling dogs, truffle based food in local restaurants and of course truffles and local produce market
Music, food and an interesting day out

This French tradition of serving a frangipane filled tart known as the ‘galette des rois’ (or the ‘gateau des rois’ in the South of France) on, or around the 6th January, (the first Sunday of each New Year) actually dates back to the 14th century.

If you wish to display/sell at a vide-grenier, you will normally need to register in advance and show some proof of identity when registering. More information on how to do this from the town hall or tourist office in the commune where the vide-grenier is taking place.

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