Christmas excess weighing you down? Is your New Year’s Resolution to be a fitter you? Where to start? And is there a Magic Form-ula?

Compiled By Erin Fowler

I recently visited the gym, Magic Form, located in the Rue du Costabonne, near Intermarche, Ceret.

Opened in 2015, the gym is bright, clean and modern and offers an extensive fitness programme to all, regardless of age and fitness levels.
Whether you prefer to exercise in a group or alone, Magic Form caters for everyone!

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The gym itself is divided into three rooms:

  • Espace Musculation (free weights)
  • Espace Fitness (for all the classes such as Zumba, Pilates, etc…)

There are six highly qualified instructors who can provide you with a personal training programme as well as drawing up dietary plans.

The gym is well equipped with the latest machinery, which may seem intimidating at first but under the supervision of the helpful staff you’ll get the hang of it in no time! With an emphasis on hygiene, there are also plenty of sanitising gels and paper towels to wipe down the machines between uses.

For those less motivated to work “tout seul”, then one of many classes may be more appealing. There is an extensive, daily timetable offering “des cours collectifs” morning, noon and evening, ranging from Pilates, stretching, and yoga, to the more up tempo, body pump, step and Zumba.

There is no need to get bored as the timetable changes every 3 months, (just when you thought you’d mastered the step class!!)

The gym is open from 5 am until 11 pm continually and is manned from 9 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week.

There is a secure entry system for the early birds or night owls which can only be accessed by gym members. Your membership also allows you to use the other Magic Form gyms and with 85 across France, you have no excuse to break your exercise routine, even when holidaying elsewhere!

There are separate changing rooms for men and women, complete with 2 showers in each and lockers which you will need a small padlock for.

The cost to join is a one off fee of 150 euros and then will be 29, 99 euros per month.

I also took the opportunity of speaking to a couple of gym members who informed me that they found Magic Form to be a fun, friendly, non-judgmental gym, well equipped and clean. The trainers are happy to help, encourage and aim to keep you motivated.

So, in seeking a magic formula for a new and fitter you, Magic Form seems like a good place to start! Good luck! Bonne année, bonne santé et bon sport!

Some Gym Vocabulary To Help You Out!

le conditionnement physique

to train/workout
le vélo d’entraînement
exercise bike
les poids

free weights
l’appareil de gym

gym machine

le banc


la barre
le gymnase

la machine à ramer

rowing machine
la tapis roulant


la machine de randonnée

cross trainer
l’escalier d’entraînement

stepping machine
le sauna sauna l’étirement
la fente en avant
la traction
la flexion de jambes
le redressement assis
l’exercise pour les biceps
la traction pour les jambes
leg press
l’exercise pour la poitrine
chest press
l’entraînement poids et haltères
weight training
le jogging jogging l’aérobic
jogger sur place to jog in-place
to warm up
to extend
les exercise Pilates Pilates l’entraînement en circuitcircuit training
fléxir to flex
tirer to pull up
la saut à la corde
jumping/skipping rope
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