January is the coldest month of the year but it presents a real challenge: very little is growing, the branches are bare, the spring bulbs are just peeping up and one can see the bare bones of the garden.

To start electricity service in your new home in France, contact an energy supplier as soon as possible (ideally about two weeks before moving in) to open an account. You will need to have the following information to open an electricity account:

If the language barrier leaves you looking more like Olive Oyl than Oliva Newton John when you visit the hairdressers, pop eye, I mean pop in to see Samantha, English speaking hairdresser in Cabestany or Phillipe Morales of Argelès….or arm yourself with this useful hair and beauty vocab before setting off for your makeover.

Just wanted to let you know that a similar scam arrived on my laptop from “proscan28online” pretending to be Microsoft technical support and freezing the computer.

This walk is not too difficult, but it is quite long, taking us about 5 hours in total (with a sandwich stop for lunch!). It is approx 10.5km long with about 500m of ascent and descent.

I was out when the Man from Orange reappeared at hubby’s new gate, specially designed to protect the garden from the neighbour’s sheep who roam at will around the area. Hubby couldn’t understand exactly what Man from Orange was saying but inferred from the body language that he was required to switch off the electric fence so the Man from Orange could do some testing or repair work.

It came as a surprise therefore to find that in France, there is NO age limit or medical history required to take out travel insurance, you are NOT penalised if you have the misfortune to have suffered from a chronic or serious illness, as in the UK, or told that the policy will not pay out on claims related to a past illness.

Villeneuve de la Raho - Lakeside walk Originally created in the 70s as a reservoir to supply local agriculture, the lake at Villeneuve-de-la-Raho quickly became a leisure area for sailing, fishing and sunbathing, attracting growing…