The Tasty – a typical English breakfast sausage, great for a brunch
The Traditional – sausages like they used to be with a subtle mix of herbs and a hint of nutmeg
Cumberland – our speciality having trained in Cumbria.
Leek – no small crumbs of leek, we use great big bits
Jalapeno – mexican chillis for the strong of heart!

It was recently revealed that the former ‘maison Mazard’ in Le Soler, now destroyed, was a safe house for Dutch refugees, Jews and resistance members fleeing the nazis in the 1930s.

The declaration of Independence for Catalonia was suspended for the time being by Catalan president Carles Puigdemont conditional on talks with the Spanish government in Madrid in a bid to resolve what must be Spain’s worst political crisis for 40 years.

Many are the stories of ‘encantades’ or ‘bruixas’, (witches) in the history of the P-O, and believers in witchcraft protected themselves with a variety of different methods, including painting their windows blue, keeping bread in the drawer, washing undergarments in water from seven different sources, never leaving nail clippings or cut hair on the floor, putting their shirts on backwards…..