Cindy Guilbert has forgotten more than most of us ever knew about  flowers and herbs. She  makes perfumes, paints mandala watercolours and other artworks, makes chocolates,  dabbles in crafts……Visit her at Naturale Magick.  or contacther by e-mail at

Good things don’t always come in small packages! Most spiders are pretty harmless to humans. In fact, only four are known to be dangerous, one of these being ’la recluse brune’ (brown recluse spider, or…

Ever thought of using your outdated bank card to create a flute that can imitate birdsongs? At MuSIC Musee des Instruments in Ceret, you can get a close look at just such an instrument created by Amazonian Indians. Alongside it are instruments created with recycled tin cans and plastic bottles.

P-O Life has teamed up with Arts, Musiques et Evénements (AME) to give you the chance to win a pair of tickets to the hit show ‘Sinatra & friends’ in Amélie-les-Bains on Saturday 20th July.

If you wish to display/sell at a vide-grenier, you will normally need to register in advance and show some proof of identity when registering. More information on how to do this from the town hall or tourist office in the commune where the vide-grenier is taking place.

Coming from the French word terre for “soil,” the word terroir originally described the special characteristics of a region, or piece of land, which gave different varieties of wine, coffee and tea their individuality. (Soil, climate, position, regional traditions….)

Operation Peg was a military operation involving US special forces (OSS) parachuted in to assist the local Maquis, in August 1944. Its mission  was to harass enemy forces by cutting Route Nationale 117, and destroying communication and supply lines in the Carcassonne Gap. It was led by 1st Lieut Grahl H. Weeks and 1st Lieut Paul Swank.

In Patrick Seraudie’s film “Une vie avec Oradour”, Robert Hébras Lanois, one of only six persons to survive the massacre of Oradour, and one of the last two eye witnesses to this terrible tragedy, gives a meticulous account of the day, filmed in the ruins of the village