As Benjamin Franklin once said:

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”

Unfortunately AXA can’t help you avoid either, but we can help ease the burden.

No one wants to have conversations about death,funerals and inheritance, but careful planning now, can help protect those you care about most in the future.  More so when you are living as an ex-pat in a country with dramatically differing laws to the UK.

There are a number of questions  worth considering now:

* Who will look after you if you become unable to take care of yourself?

* Do you want to be buried in France or “back home”?

* Who will pay for your funeral and take care of the french formalities ?

* Do you want to leave money to loved ones other than your children?

Speak to Christophe at AXA in St Genis des Fontaines on:

04 68 89 72 75

Providing clear, advice on this and a whole range of insurance matters in English.

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