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by hariwallace
Wed 12 Jun 2019 14:30
Forum: Property & Accommodation
Topic: French Wills
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Re: French Wills

I respectfully disagree with you. Under the Brussels IV convention, French residents are allowed to choose the law of their home country for succession. The poster can make a French will, register it with the notaire, and if he dies first, the property goes to his wife free and clear of any claim on...
by hariwallace
Wed 27 Mar 2019 16:16
Forum: Welcome to the P-O. Life Forum
Topic: Moving to PO from the US
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Re: Moving to PO from the US

… so did you finally make the move to the PO?
by hariwallace
Tue 10 Jan 2017 18:10
Forum: Travel
Topic: Stolen Bag at Barcelona Airport
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Barcelona airport

Same scenario, happened to us in 2000 as we were returning an Avis car in its car park. We were still living in the States, what a nightmare. I thought that the rental companies should beef up their security. The thief was in their lot. I thought that he was taking the mileage as my hubby went in to...
by hariwallace
Fri 06 Feb 2015 13:16
Forum: Finance & Banking
Topic: Applying for a UK state pension
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Applying for British Pension

When my hubby was 65, he went to RSI who was and is our caisse. He applied for British pension and French pension at the same time. It was very easy, and of course, you have the option of having the funds deposited wherever you want. We opted for our French bank account, and every 4 weeks it arrives...