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by GaryStevens
Wed 27 Sep 2017 16:09
Forum: Hi Tech/Geek
Topic: Game of thrones Live Streaming
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Re: Game of thrones Live Streaming

Hello everyone, i am looking for a way out to watch Game of thrones season 7 live streaming. Got across this source: But i need to know apart from getting it with the help of a vpn, is there some other way out.. Please help, i have missed the first episode due to this. Any help would be highly appr...
by GaryStevens
Wed 27 Sep 2017 16:02
Forum: Pets
Topic: Dog vaccinations and worming
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Re: Dog vaccinations and worming

I am hearing different things about how often to vaccinate and worm dogs and was wondering what people think on this forum: - CHPPi - annually or every 2- 3 years - Leptospirose and Rabies - every year I also saw the other thread on the new vaccination for Leishmaniose - has anybody had any new exp...