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English speakers in Prades?

Posted: Tue 10 Dec 2019 16:42
by Phil E
My wife and I are currently in the mountains near Bourg Madame...basically the middle of nowhere :roll:

She has family in Perpignan but we dont care for the weather heat and wind. We are looking at property in or around Prades. Its an easy drive to the city.

We have been isolated and caring for her aging and ill parents. We are no longer doing that. As a result of isolation (and an certain amount of laziness on my part) I have not developed my French well and I hope to change that. Meanwhile, it would be nice to have a few people where I can share an exchange without relying on my French wife to translate.

...So any input on the area in reference to English speakers and also formal French lessons in the area would be greatly appreciated.


Re: English speakers in Prades?

Posted: Fri 17 Jan 2020 13:59
by Owens88
Vernet les Bains has a village feel with Mountain views and a good community.
Prades is a nice town with more facilities.

Good Luck

Re: English speakers in Prades?

Posted: Fri 14 Feb 2020 18:50
by MikePem
Hi Phil,
I happen to be putting a post online looking for off-road car-parking in Perpignan and noticed your message.
We have a house in Catllar, a village 10mins from Prades. There are quite a few English speakers living there and others with second homes like us. Prades is improving all the time and has a wonderful weekly market. The view of the Canigou is stunning and constantly changing! There are also several Brits in Prades and at least two of the hotels are owned by English speaking couples. We recommend the area but if you dislike the wind, you would be better in the lea of the mountains rather than on the valley floor. As for French lessons, I think there are several teachers in the area. If you can get hold of the PO life magazine you will find adverts.
All the best,

Re: English speakers in Prades?

Posted: Fri 20 Mar 2020 12:06
by Phil E
Hi Amanda,
I didnt get a notification so Im late seeing your reply. Thanks. We did close on the house in Prades but with the lockdown we cant move. Its also not like its easy with the N116 closure too. So we anxiously await the time we can go.
Meanwhile we are shut in like everyone else hoping to remain healthy and wish the same for others.
All in all, it's probably safer here in our little village of 750 people. Its normally its dead quiet.
As for language, I am going to use the time to improve my French. When I move to Prades I have been offered a hundred hours of lessons via OFII given at the high school.
Of course life is on hold.
The best to you and yours