Importing a UK car into France

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Importing a UK car into France

Post by Kate »

Hi ,
I hope you ( or via your readers ) can help me with an issue that has arisen re the importation of a 2nd hand vehicle. A process that worked for me 3 years ago, and for many others, by following the advise on your website. ... in-france/

The first step , before applying for a Carte Gris, is to confirm the vat has already been paid in an EU country, and obtain a Quitis Fiscus at your local Tax d'Impots.
A process that takes about 10 minutes, and is free, as your article ( and others ) suggests. Even for those who have second homes here , and keep a car locally for visits and family.
My Tax Office in Pezenas have informed me that the process has changed and that it is no longer possible , unless you a Resident , and declaring your tax affairs in France. I cannot find anything about this change online.

Any help and guidance from your experts please. ?

Thank you
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Re: Importing a UK car into France

Post by Owens88 »

Did you get any help?
Seems like a quite coherent and relevant question.

Vernet Les Bains and East Midlands
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