Crit'Air - has anyone got it send to a different address?

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Crit'Air - has anyone got it send to a different address?

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We're off to Strasbourg in a couple of months so want to get the Cit'Air sticker

The issue I am having is when I enter our Ceret address which where I want it sent to. I get the following error in the delivery address screen (although the billing address shows as the Ceret address)

"?? order.recap.adresse.livraison.info_en ??"

What does that mean. I am concerned that the sticker won't get send to out Ceret address. I speculate it could because our Citroen lease vehicle has my NZ address on the Certificat d'mmatriculation and their web site assumes the registration address will be the delivery address?

I have emailed the Crit'Air people but waiting for a clear answer

Has anyone else got the sticker sent to an address different to what is on the Certificat d'mmatriculation?

It appears the only option is to get on-line?

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