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Posted: Thu 11 Jun 2020 12:42
by alan
I see that Ryanair is now trying to stimulate bookings this summer. It has announced that, “it will waive its flight change fee for all customers who book to travel in July & August, allowing them to book their summer holidays with peace of mind in case their plans change”.

I think they may have to try a little harder because, “This flight date change will only apply to the route customers have already booked and trips must be completed before the 2020 year end”.

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Posted: Sat 13 Jun 2020 12:39
by Sus
yes and on top of that there is a lot of people still waiting for their refund which then turned into a voucher which then turned into thin air...

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Posted: Sat 13 Jun 2020 17:01
by alan
We had a return Ryanair flight from Bristol to Beziers this Monday and those flights were cancelled so we re-booked Stansted to Perpignan at the end of July returning in August rather than asking for a refund or voucher. The only problem was that they cancelled the outward flight about a week before cancelling the return flight so we had to wait until the cancellation of the return flight before re-booking both at no additional cost.

Just for information we had a flight with Easyjet for the end of April which was cancelled. We asked for a voucher thinking that this would be quicker than pressing for a refund. We are still waiting to get the voucher!

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Posted: Sun 26 Jul 2020 08:23
by alan
I am sure everyone will wish to join me, a little belatedly, in wishing Ryanair a Happy 35th Birthday!

Operations began in early July 1985 and here is an interesting history I came across this morning: ... -love-hate

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Posted: Sun 26 Jul 2020 11:19
by russell
A light heated look at Ryanair: