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Posted: Tue 06 Apr 2021 10:55
by alan
Adam Wagner @AdamWagner1 is a Human Rights Barrister and Academic who tweets regularly on the Covid Rules. He is the acknowledged expert. People may be interested in what he has just written about the difference between UK residents wishing to leave the UK for a holiday and non-UK residents wishing to enter the UK also for a holiday.

“Coming to the UK as a tourist has become a lot easier since 29 March when the ‘leave/be outside home without a reasonable excuse’ restriction was removed as there is no longer any (even potential) legal ban on tourism to the UK.

The net effect is that it is illegal for a UK resident to leave the UK for a holiday but legal for a non-UK resident from a non red list country to enter and be in the UK for a holiday as long as they self-isolate and test”

Re: Holidays

Posted: Tue 06 Apr 2021 12:19
by alan
I should have mentioned that by way of background to the above, it has been reported that 8000 tourists are arriving in Britain daily see ... -day-covid