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90/180 rule

Posted: Fri 07 Jan 2022 19:40
by Karrie
Does anyone know the answer to the following or can point me in the right direction in English.

If we are in France/Schengen area on day 180 and have not exceeded our 90 days allowance in that period, can we stay in France and commence our next 90/180 so that it runs consecutively or must we leave the Schengen area for at least a day and then return?

We could find our selves in this position much later this year and are wondering about obtaining the short stay tourist visas if we need to depart and return in order to meet the requirements.

Re: 90/180 rule

Posted: Sat 08 Jan 2022 13:58
by GrahamC
The rule is 90 days within any period of 180. It’s not as if the year is divided into two 180 day periods.

What you need to do is keep a running total going, using a spreadsheet or an app designed for the purpose.

Be aware that the day you arrive in the Schengen area is counted as a whole day - even if you arrive at 1 minute to midnight. Ditto for the day you leave.