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Restaurants in the UK

Posted: Sat 25 Jul 2020 21:53
by alan
Some people living in the PO night be wondering what it is like eating out in restaurants in the UK at present. We are flying out tomorrow from Stansted to Perpignan and decided to stay overnight at an airport hotel and eat in the local town, Bishops Stortford. We don’t know the town well and chose “Pircio”, an Italian/ Mediterranean restaurant. We based the choice on info on Tripadvisor and were particularly influenced by photos which showed a cool looking, large space. We were not expecting that many people would be eating there even though it was a Saturday evening and given all the complaints of “no show” by restauranteurs in the press. The tables were well spaced, the food was good and the service was very efficient. We were a little surprised that only one of the more than a dozen waitors was wearing a mask. However, what really surprised us though was how many people were eating there, even in the early evening. When we left at about 8.00 pm, there was a large queue forming for tables. This was our first restaurant meal inside since the end of February so we can’t say whether this is at all typical. On the evidence of this though, the hospitality industry in the UK may not be in such a difficult place as many are suggesting.