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start cooking club

Posted: Fri 07 Jan 2022 13:15
by Marijn
I would like to start a cooking club in Ceret. Meeting up about once a month to cook and eat together.
Experimenting with new recipes and share tips and tricks in the kitchen.

First step is to get to know other enthusiasts that would like to join me in forming the group. The above is a rough idea of how we could move on. But i am open for other suggestions as well.

Everybody is welcome men, women, all ages... as long as you like to cook, eat and drink.

Looking forward hearing from you.


Re: start cooking club

Posted: Thu 20 Jan 2022 22:38
by NormanL
Very interested. Please keep me informed. NormanL.

Re: start cooking club

Posted: Thu 20 Jan 2022 23:33
by nickjeans
I'm interested but not back in CĂ©ret until February 1st (for 90 days).

Re: start cooking club

Posted: Tue 25 Jan 2022 14:55
by Marijn
By now there are 4 persons interested to know more about the start of a "cooking club". I have send them all some further ideas.

Are you also a cooking enthusiast and interested to join? On 7 februari I will host a simple lunch in Ceret to further discuss the options. Let me know if you would like to join.