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dirty holiday makers -

Post by opas »

I am sure this has been discussed before and i know i am not doing myself my favours.

For the second time this week i have returned from a changeover armed with photos for the owners due to the dirty state their ptoperties have been left in by their holiday renters.
Both rental parties were British bur at diferent ends of the rental market, one a Mas with pool , the other a lovely apt in perpignan.

Even though the information given to the renters asks for the property to be left as found( i dont expect to walk in ,change the beds snd walk out again) i do a thorough clean, check appliances , toaster free of crumbs, coffee macine clean of grains) i dont expect to scrub dried on pancake mix from worktops, tackle an oven with ovenpride, clean poo from loo sides, clean grease fat off cooker top, find tablecloths laden
eith crumbs and jam or find the same all over the floor round the tsble.....especially as both these guests were told they did not have to leave by 10h , one was still there at lunchtime and ghe other about 10.30h
Only ever the British leave a mess, not all obviously, the french really do leave the place as found, as a rule.

When the first fsmily were informed by owner they were having some money deducted from damage deposit for cleaning they were adamant they left it as found!!!! Even with photos.
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Post by Daphne »

One of the worst experiences I had was one of a circuit judge and his family at a beautiful property in Segovia. The worst ever was a group of 16 rugby players, who played in the team when Will Carlson was captain, the property was in Prades. The company thought the booking was a joke originally and phoned back to the no given. Will Carlson's secretary confirmed it was the team, but that Will wouldn't be joining them. They were asked if it was an all male booking, in which case they were going to be offered several cleans during the week. They were told it wasn't necessary as it was 8 men with their partners. The day of their departure the caretaker/cleaner phoned me in tears. They had urinated up the curtains, blocked the toilets, left the pool area and tennis court covered with beer cans and bottles, I could go on and on.......
The caretaker wanted me to go up straight away but thankfully I couldn't as I would have been ill at the sight. They had to bring in an army of people to clear up as they had new arrivals at 5pm.
The owners 'French Bourgoise' were keen rugby followers and had ordered flowers to be displayed around the house and even wrote them personal welcome letters!
After they returned to the UK the secretary wrote to the company to thank them on behalf of the players and included tickets to watch them at one of their next venues! Absolutely unbelievable!!!!!
The best clients always seemed to be a couple with 2/3 children who were used to doing their own housework and respecting their property.
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