Solicitor required - problem following sale of house

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Solicitor required - problem following sale of house

Post by jecjcr »

Hi all
Having owned a house near Prades for over 10 years, we had the opportunity to sell this January. During the storm of 24th March some water came through the roof.
The buyer is now claiming that the property had a 'hidden defect'.
At the moment we are still talking, but I fear that this could end up in court.
Could anyone recommend an English speaking solicitor / lawyer. Our French serves for everyday use, but this needs to be dealt with in English.
Extremely grateful to anyone who can offer us some advice and guidance - thanks in advance.
John Currer
John & Jane
Bagshot & Prades
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Post by martyn94 »

At the risk of being narky, it's a pain to have duplicated posts. I responded to your other one in identical terms, and I'm not going to do it again, but it's impossible to know which one you are going to follow.
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