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NEWS: Occitanie second favourite region of France of the British

Posted: Thu 31 Oct 2019 09:07
by Ted & Jemima
Happy Halloween!

Saw this news item that might be of interest to Brits living here. Below is a machine translation.

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Occitanie second favourite region of France of the British

According to a report by INSEE , Occitanie is the second largest host region of the British in France.
With 25,000 residents, our region is second only to New Aquitaine, which attracts 40,000 United Kingdom nationals.

In 1990, Occitanie was only 4th in the French regions and only 6,000 were British.
This figure has steadily increased at a rate of 7.1% per year until 2011, while the rest of the territory grew by only 4.3%.

Between 2011 and 2016, the trend reversed, probably due to the devaluation of the pound sterling and its impact on purchasing power making it more difficult to access real estate, the
Over this period, only Toulouse has retained its attractiveness with a slight increase in the number of residents.

In the big cities :
4,000 Britons live in the metropolis of Toulouse
Around a thousand United Kingdom nationals chose to live in Montpellier.

Rural areas are preferred by the British
The rural areas of our region are the most attractive, especially the territories labeled "Great sites" .

According to INSEE, these sectors are acclaimed for their quality of life and their strong tourism potential.
In places like Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val (Tarn-et-Garonne), Marciac (Gers), western Lot or the Corbières audoises and Catalanes (Aude and Pyrénées-Orientales) and the coastline of the Hérault , the presence of the British helps to maintain or even develop the face-to-face jobs, that is to say those that satisfy the needs of local populations.

The big figures of this expatriation
54% of expatriates favor rural areas
66% are retired
The majority of these residents arrived in France more than 10 years ago

A third of assets in Occitania
British people in employment account for 32% of the total population.
Less active in rural areas than retirees, assets are spread over the various territories.

The urban area of ​​Toulouse alone accounts for 25% of the region's assets. The installation in the pink city is done in family, 38% of the adults live there in couple with children.

Airbus and the aerospace sector employ a third of Britons active in Toulouse and nearby.
Half of the expatriates who work are managers.

Without prejudging the extent of the consequences of Brexit, forecasts INSEE, Occitania could be particularly concerned given the strong British presence in the region.

Whether for British residents, tourism or economic partnerships between the region and the United Kingdom, trade could suffer.