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SFR internet

Posted: Sun 26 Jul 2020 17:52
by Mickyb123
SFR have blocked my internet access saying I am in arrears with my account.
My router is fine, everything is good on the modem, just whenever we log in I get a message saying I am in arrears, I think this is from the previous owner who had an account, they were still charging him for his connection despite him selling up.
Does anyone know the correct contact for SFR and if they have an English helpline. The number they gave us in the shop is not active.
Or any other suggestions

Re: SFR internet

Posted: Mon 27 Jul 2020 00:33
by GrahamC
If they do have an English helpline we never managed to find it. In our experience, SFR were completely and utterly useless. We switched to Orange (who do have an English helpline) and have never looked back.

Re: SFR internet

Posted: Tue 28 Jul 2020 12:01
by russell
The customer service number is 1023. It is a normal French service but they are helpful and you might be lucky and get someone who speaks English.