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Long Term Rentals

Posted: Sun 10 Feb 2019 13:01
by Owens88
I am looking for a source of advice on the pros/cons/legalities of long term rentals. Tourists or locals.
I have searched, here and elsewhere, but not found it - unusually for us.

We have a property in Vernet les Bains that is big enough to live in. 92.5 sqm plus terraces plus Cave and Garage, in shared grounds. In fact we are considering moving there for a while ourselves.

We would be interested in long term rentals. We have done 6 month rentals before but were 'stung' once when a couple were too miserly on the heating/drying and actually created thousands of euros of remediation due to mould. The advice I seek would descend to that level of detail (reassurance / recompense, not how to treat mould ! ).

I apologise in advance if my replies are slow over the next week.


Re: Long Term Rentals

Posted: Tue 07 May 2019 18:12
by Owens88
I am looking for a source of advice on long term rentals in France ---- the pros/cons/legalities for the landlords

Re: Long Term Rentals

Posted: Sun 21 Jul 2019 10:50
by Normat
Hi There,
We are a London based couple who are interested in buying a second home somewhere in the P-O region with the idea of moving there eventually. Rather than leap right into it - as I’m inclined to do- my husband has proposed that we rent a property in the area for the coming year and see how we like it and really identify where we want to stay and whether this part of France works for us (we have both visited the area a few times!).

For us it will be about establishing proof of concept and thus we are looking to rent a two bedroom property, with some outside space, within 40mins of an airport, within walking distance to some shops/restaurants(I.e not too remote) and relatively close to the Spanish border. Between us and my Belgian mother in-law, we will go down about 25 weeks over the next year and could ensure the property is free over the French summer holidays if that would bring down the rent a bit.

If anyone has a property they would like to rent out, do let me know. Alternatively any advice on how to go about finding something that meets out spec would be very useful! In theory we could just go to one of the holiday property sites and rent a place each time we wanted to come down but that would defeat the purpose of seeing whether we’d like the permanence of going to the same place with minimal planning and disruption.


Re: Long Term Rentals

Posted: Sun 21 Jul 2019 15:27
by Kate
Hello Normat,
That is exactly what we did when we moved down here (a long time ago now) :D
We rented the property from some people who usually rented out in the summer for 6 weeks, but were happy for a much cheaper long term let as long as we looked after the property. We never looked back and went on to buy our own.
There are so many places that fit your bill.
Vernet where John (above) is renting out is lovely..not so close to Spanish border but all downhill to the airport.
We are over in Maureillas, near Ceret, just 5 mins from the border and 25 min drive to airport but if you browse the forum a bit and look at old posts you will see that there are plenty of suggestions. Up Arles sur Tech/Amelie les Bains way might also suit you.
Best of Luck

Re: Long Term Rentals

Posted: Tue 23 Jul 2019 19:26
by Helen_VDB
I was thinking, would it be realistic to live alternately between 2 places, renting the one I don't live in while I'm not there, be it for a couple days or for up to 6 months? The thing is that an inheritance would allow to buy a property in Paphos as well as one in our good old P-O, and my husband and I were thinking it could be a good way to both earn money and have some variety in life.

Re: Long Term Rentals

Posted: Wed 24 Jul 2019 16:14
by Sweaty Betty
I have a friend who manages a small business specialising in long term rentals.
I will PM you but they have a website:
They very successfully found us a lovely house in the mountains, with views for a 2 year rental. And we are very happy here.

Re: Long Term Rentals

Posted: Tue 13 Aug 2019 13:58
by ShaneR
I have a house that is nearing completion in Villelongue del Monts. I would consider letting it out for a while if you are interested. The house will be completed in late September. It will be furnished and be comfortable. The garden may not be completely completed by then, but it will make a good place to stay and search the region if you are interested.

Re: Long Term Rentals

Posted: Tue 17 Sep 2019 07:48
by Sweaty Betty
I missed your response. I will PM this morning.