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Posted: Sat 03 Aug 2019 11:54
by susie
Hi, Bit of a long shout and I know out of the PO area - but I have faith in the wide-spread connections and knowledge of our PO-ers.

Next year, from about June 6, 2020 for about a week, there is a World Veteran Table Tennis Tournament in Bordeaux. My partner and I are playing in it. About 5,000 players from around the world will be participating, including a lot of French (Argeles has a great team!).

We were wondering if anyone knows someone who might be interested in renting us a chalet, mobile home, apartment, villa, chateaux (no, now I'm getting carried away) etc for about 10 days from June 6, 2020. (I have an apartment in Argeles, and would rather stay in a self-contained place in Bordeaux, where we can do the cooking and chill out, than a hotel, so thought I'd ask here).

We are two perfectly well-trained and house-trained people, and would look after the property as if it was our own (well, probably better). Totally reliable for a private rental.

The tournament is around the Lac Bordeaux area, which, I understand, is on Tramline C, so anything accessible to that area would be great.

As always, many thanks for the advice.