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Linky Downloads

Posted: Mon 08 Mar 2021 16:01
by QB
Hi, I have just gained access to my Link meter in Eus and have explored the information available to download. As far as I can tell, I can only download daily consumption in kWh or hourly consumption in W. I can specify the period required for both downloads. There is a third option that shows the power consumed - but I see no use for this download.

What I really need is the actual meter readings for HP and HC for a specified period. This will allow me to check my EDF bills when they arrive. At the moment I cannot reconcile my bills to anything I can download. The EDF English-speaking helpline just refers me to ENEDIS who don't have an English-speaking helpline.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Quentin Brooke

Re: Linky Downloads

Posted: Wed 31 Mar 2021 17:19
by Allan
Whoever called these Smart Meters needs to have a serious rethink.

I don't know where you are extracting your data, so I have stated below how I get it.

I created an account with and logged on, I then go to the link Suivre mes mesures
On that page is a link to Télécharger mes données. You can then choose the date range and the type of data.
I then choose Consommation quotidienne (daily consumption).

Once I have downloaded the file, I open it in Excel and use the Data/Text to columns function.

I then see various lines, the ones I am interested in have Arrêté quotidien in column B.
My daily meter readings are then in the columns labelled EAS F1 and EAS F2. This equates on mine to HC (EAS F1) and HP (EAS F2).

Take a meter reading last thing at night and compare the figures.

The values shown on the web site are in VA whereas your meter reading is KVA so ignore the last 3 digits.

I have a document that attempts to explain the data, you are welcome to have it, just send me a pm with an email address

Re: Linky Downloads

Posted: Wed 07 Apr 2021 13:26
by QB
Allen, thank you so much for your very comprehensive reply. I had downloaded the hourly report which gave me only the watts used by hour. I didn't look at the daily report at all. I did not expect or do not understand why the two reports contain different information.

I used Power Query in Excel to reformat the reports and load them back into Excel -- it works a treat and I can use the same rules each time I need to update my readings.

Sorry for not replying sooner. As I didn't receive any replies within a week of the post I assumed that there was no solution.

You are a lifesaver!