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Car grill to fit a VW Touran

Posted: Thu 14 Dec 2017 15:20
by Sue234
Hello and a very Happy Christmas to all,

Does anyone have a dog grill for sale which will safely and efficiently screen off the boot area of a VW Touran (Dec 2007)? My new and very beautiful black Labrador-cross from SPA Carcassonne is a smart and sassy Houdini-type who would prefer to do the driving!

Please let me know if you have one for sale.


Posted: Sun 17 Dec 2017 14:10
by dsd
How is she getting on, apart from wanting to learn to drive and what's her name?

If you haven't found a grill, you can get sort of safety belts which attach to the normal seat belt or even just attach her lead in the same way. This only works if she accepts being tied up, of course

A quick and cheaper alternative to the dog grill that I have seen several people use is to buy a piece of rigid garden fencing and cut it with pliers to size

As soon as you feel ready, give me a ring about going for a walk together

Posted: Sun 17 Dec 2017 14:25
by sue and paul
we bought a dog grille for our 2005/6 Touran online....some years ago. I think it was a company on ebay that supplied it. It was new, not second hand. When our rescue dog was first with us, he would bite through anything that tethered him, including straps in the car.

e.g. ... Sw4CFYrFMv

Dog grille for VW Touran

Posted: Sun 17 Dec 2017 15:54
by Sue234
Hi DSD and Sue and Paul,

Many thanks for your replies. In fact, we went into Perpignan yesterday, with the dog doing her Strictly act around the car, and bought a grille there and then from Norauto for 59,95€. I led her round the car park while my partner fitted it and voila! Job done. It’s transformed our in-car experience and she was rewarded by a peaceful drive to the lake at St Jean, via the pet shop in Le Boulou for chewy treats, then a lovely walk, and we got the additional reward of lunch in the Chinese restaurant in the village, only visiting the car to check on her FOUR times during the meal. She was fine.

Thanks for the link Sue and Paul; your product looks miles tougher than ours, but I was desperate, and the one I have seems ok.

Her name is Noelle, dsd, though I think that may become Nell soon. I’d love to walk her with your dog(s) so I’ll ring you soon.