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Pet sitter available!

Posted: Sat 06 Oct 2018 10:46
by ScottishJenny
Hi everyone,

I've recently moved to Perpignan and I'm a huuuuuuge animal lover. Unfortunately I can't have any pets of my own just yet and I would LOVE to do some pet sitting! I grew up having dogs, cats, mice, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs and budgies and I've also got loads of experience cat and dog sitting (and can provide lots of references too.) I would love to help out if anyone needs some help looking after furry friends!

During the holidays, or at weekends I could come stay at your place but during term time I have to be Perpignan based (I teach English at the university here.)

Just putting this out there hoping to make some furry friends soon! :D

Posted: Sun 07 Oct 2018 12:57
by Kate
Just what we need Jenny. People around here are always looking for dog sitters, myself included, (Although I have some fabulous friends who come and look after our dogs, but I have recommended them to too many people recently and they are becoming a little bit too much in demand. Looooool) Will share this with Facebook too if that’s OK as someone was asking there quite recently for a dog sitter. :lol: :D :D

Re: Pet sitter available!

Posted: Mon 22 Oct 2018 20:45
by Lynn66
Hallo Jenny I’m up in hills between Thuir and Céret (35 minutes from
Perpignan), with just one cute cat. Do you now have enough offers for sits?
I’ve no specific dates at the moment - just that short breaks are fun!

Re: Pet sitter available!

Posted: Sun 28 Oct 2018 10:41
by CarolineN
yes yes yes !! I shall be back in the spring with all my paws ! I live very close to Perpignan.

Re: Pet sitter available!

Posted: Tue 26 Feb 2019 15:40
by ScottishJenny
Hello everyone,

First of all, profuse apologies for the long delay in replying and a big thank you for your enthusiastic responses! I look forward to lots of furry cuddles soon hopefully! Somehow I managed to lock myself out of my account, hence the reply delay, but I'm back in now!

Yes, my boyfriend and I are based in Perpignan town centre but willing to travel in the region (though we don't have a car, sorry, so might need picked up to get to certain places!) If anyone is interested please feel free to get in touch!

I can provide lots of references too. :-)

Have a lovely rest of the week and enjoy this gorgeous weather!

Re: Pet sitter available!

Posted: Tue 26 Feb 2019 15:42
by ScottishJenny
P.S. We only have offer so far, for next week, and yes please feel free to share on Facebook yes please! :-)