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Fosse Septique/SPANC66

Posted: Sat 20 Jun 2020 20:02
by Ace
Does anyone have any recommendations of technicians/construction people who can survey my fosse septique and bring it up to the SPANC66 standards? Preferably speaking some English but I can muddle through in French.

Re: Fosse Septique/SPANC66

Posted: Sun 21 Jun 2020 09:57
by Sweaty Betty
We recently used a company which was exceptionally professional and reasonable.
Ludovic & Aurelie Herbert - ludovic hebert:
Aurelie deals with all the paperwork.

Re: Fosse Septique/SPANC66

Posted: Mon 22 Jun 2020 11:55
by Ace
many thanks

Re: Fosse Septique/SPANC66

Posted: Wed 24 Jun 2020 13:28
by Sus
Hi, you might want to consider using SPANC for the survey if you are due your regular inspection, that way you know exactly what is wrong and can be specific with the builder what you expect them to correct and have a follow up inspection by SPANC to get their full approval. The cost for an inspection is fixed at 110 TTC. Otherwise, I would make the final approval by SPANC a condition of payment to your contractor.

The SPANC 66 website also has a list of accredited suppliers/contractors and a lot of other very detailed and clear information on what needs to be done. We recently redid our system ourselves after getting outrageous quotes from contractors. SPANC itself and their listed suppliers were in our experiences very professional and reasonable. If you need any initial study done, to check soil type, land slope etc, we can highly recommend Assainissement Horizon Ingénierie. The engineer spent a few hours with us and advised on different options, the resulting report is basically a building instruction including all materials needed. We took the report to Frans Bonhomme who gave us a quote for the required materials. Good luck!