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The day after Brexit in Chalabre (Aude)

Posted: Sun 09 Feb 2020 09:58
by Ted & Jemima

News story [machine translated below] in this morning's paper documents a positive local response to disastrous Brexit:

"It was not quite lunch-time, but it was certainly time to have an aperitif, Saturday February 1 , when the Café de la Paix hosted a meeting divided between sadness, Brexit consumed obliges, and excitement, with an announced crunch.

On the initiative of the association Links and initiatives in privileged land (Lic. TP), this meeting programmed at Laura and Manu's, allowed the French-speaking community to renew support and welcome testimonies, to its English-speaking counterpart. A friendly way to dust off the first signing of the Entente Cordiale, which took place in 1833.

This was done in an atmosphere of the least gloomy, moments of historical sharing the day after the exit of the British from the European Union." ... 720254.php

Ted & Jemima